The beginning

The history of Teck Pont has its origins long time ago, when the artisan carpenter Umberto Rizzi decided to transform his strong passion for nautical carpentry into a business opportunity.

That’s the reason why in 1980, the “Rizzi Umberto nautical carpentry” was founded. He built and mixed step by step the handcraftmanship with entrepreneurial vision.


The history of Teck Pont is a family history. When he was very young, Massimo, the son of the founder Umberto, was used to stay next to his father inside the company.
In 1985, when Massimo was only 20 years old, he founded the “Teck Pont company” together with his father. Massimo started as an apprentice, ready to learn all the carpentry secrets.

From the beginning the company concentrated itself in woodworking and, in particular, in pre-manufactured nautical teak decks and furniture.

Challenges and values

The DNA company is founded on a
perfect balance between handcraftsmanship and innovation. Together with these characteristics, Teck Pont has a strong passion and an ongoing improvement in its DNA. All this can happen thanks to the challenging daily job that is fundamental in nautical sector. Tradition and innovation always go hand in hand.

Many challenge and sacrifices are behind Teck Pont story.
After Massimo’s premature disappearance in 2003, Monica, his wife, decided to take over the company.
She left the fashion world, in which she was used to work and she carried on the work of her beloved husband.
This choice, even though some initial fears, will be the right one, if we look at the development of the company in years to come.

The founding values of Teck Pont will save the company from the nautical sector crisis between 2008 to 2015. The enhancement of human resources and in house on going training, availability towards the shipyards, customization and strong attention to details are the main skills inside Teck Pont.
That’s the reason why Teck Pont has been a leader in nautical sector for long time.

3 Teck Pont generation

Teck Pont is a family owned company, not only because of its foundation and management, but also thanks to the people working inside the company.
Everyday Teck Pont team makes the perfect matching between craftsmanship and quality, the two most important characteristics to create and produce pre-manufactured teak decks.

From ancient time, wood is universally recognized as one of the most luxurious material because it is an alive one.
Wood has its soul and that’s the reason why it is a unique material but, at the same time it is moldable in endless shapes.
Teck Pont has its soul, thanks to its staff and its experience handed down from the first generation to the following ones.

The alternance of the generation marks the history and the development of Teck Pont. Today the third generation is working in house.
Filippo Rizzi, son of Monica and Massimo, entered the company when he was very young. Filippo followed his parents footsteps, he took charge of each aspect of the business, from his artisanal training to administration area.
The endless improvement, again, is the strength of this company.

Experience and quality skills are the strength of Teck Pont, a very smart company taken into consideration by some of the biggest Italian nautical companies as Ferretti Group (with its brands: Ferretti Yachts, Wally, Pershing, Itama and Custom Line), Arcadia Yachts and Anvera.
So estimated was Teck Pont, to win the best quality value award in 2019 in Ferretti Group.