Teak is a plant with a large trunk that can reach 30/40 meters in height and 1,5 meters as diameter.
This precious wood is suitable in shipbuilding: nautical sector uses teak to build manufactured teak decks to join on yachts and sailing, thanks to teak wood waterproofness.

Teak has a very good hardness, a constant dimensional stability, oiliness, a good impermeability and it is the top of preciousness.
It grows in rainy areas where dry periods alternate themselves to very humid ones.
Touching and looking at it, you will realize that teak smells of vintage leather. Teak can bear temperature jumps, humidity, salt attacks and weathering very well. These features related to its hardness, make teak one of the most resistant wood.


Beauty, durability, strength and ductility are the main characteristics of a precious, exotic and extremely resistant wood as teak. For its maintenance it is recommended to use neutral detergents, sea and fresh water.
Teak is a living material, that’s the reason why it changes its color under the sunlight. When it is exposed to atmospherical agents, teak shades its color to a grey tone. Periodically it requires a light sanding to give it back its natural blond color.

This wood is one of the rarest, precious and luxurious deck you can have on your boat.
Today teak is protected and safeguarded with constant reforestation in its growing area.

Cutting teak

Teakwood, already cut in super decks is cut in teak boards available in any kind of thicknesses. Then with wood moulder we will take boards to the requested measure.


Teak boards are selected, checked and glued to produce pre-fabricated teak decks.


After the assembly, the pre-fabricated teak deck is checked and delivered to the gluing department. Here the requested color of glue will be inserted in seams by hand. Pre-fabricated manufactured teak decks will left down waiting for the requested time, before proceeding to sand them.


Glued pre-fabricated teak decks must be sanded.The exceeding glue inside seams is cut with chisel, then teak will be sanded.

Installation and joining

The pre-fabricated teak deck is caulked on board with vacuum method.