Italian luxury yachts. A long partnership with Teck Pont since the last 30 years.
“A word leader in international yacht industry which works tirelessly to make dreams come true for shipowner and enthusiasts”
Every years new yachts are created from 15 up to 80 meters. A perfect balance between technology and relax.
Worldwide, Ferretti yachts are the symbol of luxury, design and quality of the Italian nautical, the most prestigious about style, materials and reliability.
Teck Pont produces and installs on board the best quality standard of Burma teak for teak decks and this activity characterizes yacht spaces.

A visionary shipyard “When there is an idea you are halfway through the journey”, says the company. A shipyard with “Yachts Renaissance” as its target.
On board of Arcadia Yachts you feel the harmony that “man and nature” have recreated in mythical land called Arcadia. Yacht open spaces, confort and functional technology coexist with the excellence of materials and design. The Burma teak deck made by Teck Pont represent the best handcraft in carpentry Italian tradition.

A new idea of boat, R.I.B. and a brand new approach to the sea.
Anvera style combines design, functionality, efficiency and the best worldwide quality of teak, up to date design and technology.
Modernity of design, advanced technology and carbon fiber are matched to quality, to the excellence of teak and to the high competence of nautical carpentry Teck Pont.